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The Stress Tracker app is a perfect tool to help you take charge of your emotional, mental, and physical health. 


Dr. Bonnie Strickland, former President of American Psychological Association, remarks on the Stress Tracker: “For those who want a simple, inexpensive and effective tool for identifying and managing stress, this application offers the most comprehensive, valid and reliable method available.”


Recently featured by the App Store, the Stress Tracker app was created by a team of leading clinical psychologists and researchers using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness principles. It provides an all-in-one personal stress management app that tracks, identifies, and helps relieve your daily stress. 



a) Tracks your individual stress levels, moods, sources of stress, symptoms, and lifestyle/behaviors in real-time with just a few simple taps; 

b) Includes a special note section to help you identify the most successful coping strategies;

c) Allows you to personalize your experience by creating categories of your own;

d) Displays all entries in virtual diary views; 

e) Displays history and trends in daily, weekly, and monthly bar charts;

f) Brings insights into your emotional wellbeing by providing rankings for top sources of stress, symptoms, and lifestyle/behaviors impacting personal stress and general health and wellness.



g) Includes a 6-point checklist for those who need immediate stress relief during a high-stress situation. 

h) Empowers you to take solid action steps to improve personal resiliency and emotional wellbeing through the Action Steps section. This section provides evidence-based expert knowledge and practical information that guides you to make healthy choices.

i) Helps you enhance personal health and wellness goals by providing additional free tools and tips through the online community on*

j) Your data will be automatically backed up online so that you will not have to worry about losing it. 


Whether you are seeking professional help to reduce stress or you are making changes on your own, the Stress Tracker app is an important tool that you cannot afford to pass up. New features are continuously being added to the app through free updates. 


Let Stress Tracker help change your life today!

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